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Call Center Solution

Every SME needs a call center solution

Maximize work efficiency

PBX Plus More. It’s More Than A Call Center

Make way for both your internal & external business communications. Yeastar P-Series PBX System tightly integrates call center and unified communications capability to put everything you need on a single, integrated system. With it, utilize the best-in-class automatic routing, effective agent tools, and up-to-the-minute analytics & reports, together with the superior built-in phone system and UC&C functions to impress your customer, empower your agents, and elevate your business.

Better Customer Service Starts Here

Enriched call center functionalities to help you deliver exceptional customer services.


Fine-tune call flow

Spot queue traffic trends at a glance in Queue Panel and adjust agent staffing and call dispatching in time to boost call center efficiency.


Custom waiting experience

Proactively serving waiting customers with helpful information – the estimated wait time, queue position, and custom announcement.


Conduct a satisfaction survey

Help your agents grow and improve with actionable insights delivered directly from in-depth post-call surveys and customer satisfaction reports.


Set SLA for quality assurance

Auto-monitoring your predefined Service Level Agreement (SLA) on Wallboard and receive real-time alerts when it reaches the threshold.


Add self-service options

Combine automated IVR with self-service prompts to let customers help themselves without agent intervention and speed up the call flow.


Access agent monitoring

Course-correct agent behaviors easily through whisper coaching, silent monitoring, call barge-in and call recording functionality.


Automatic call distribution


Connect customers with the right agents at the right time. Take advantage of advanced automatic routing, 6 pre-defined ACD queueing (ringing) strategies, customizable IVR options and more features that drive faster call resolution.

  • Time-based Routing

  • Choice-based Routing with IVR

  • ACD queue

  • Simultaneous Call Distribution (Ring All)

  • Fixed-Order Call Distribution (Linear)

  • Rotary Call Distribution (Rrmemory)

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