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VoIP Solution for Schools
and Universities


Yeastar helps staff, teachers, and students communicate effectively and securely in one single platform.


Ideal VoIP and UC Solutions for Schools

As the scale of the various school expands unceasingly, most of the schools have established a relatively perfect data network, with their own education network. In such a superior network environment, education sectors could use the existing data network resources to explore the campus VoIP and Unified Communications system to boost communication efficiency and productivity.

With Yeastar PBX System for schools, experience simple and seamless migration from an older phone system to VoIP, whether cloud-based or on-premises. Enjoy the benefits of using mobile softphone, advanced conferencing capabilities, robust remote location connectivity, and other VoIP and UC features that boost school communications.

We Offer Best-fit Solution and Features for Schools


Paging Announcement

Dial the overhead speakers or IP phones in the classroom or other public areas to make voice announcements and broadcast emergency alerts.


Instant Communications

Enhance multi-campus and student-teacher communication with audio and video conferencing calls. Using the school’s directory, teachers and students can find people by searching name, department, email address, title, etc.



Integrated with SIP cameras, door phones, and other surveillance products, Yeastar PBX system is protecting your school with voice and surveillance combined.


Scheduled Paging/Intercom

Set recurring paging to auto-broadcast custom prompts or notifications at specific time and days of the week. For instance, a school may want to set up a bell schedule for class breaks at every school day.



With Yeastar Linkus UC Clients, teachers and school staff members can have their school phone numbers with them anywhere on mobile devices. All office extension features are always at your fingertips.


All-in-one VoIP Phone System

Easy-to-use and feature-rich, Yeastar PBX system, whether cloud-based or on-premises, can easily integrate with your existing infrastructure to facilitate a slow rollout and save your budget.


We understand your needs

  • Connect the existing education network and PSTN network, make full use of bandwidth resource, and extend the VoIP phone system.

  • Avoid the problem of aging phone lines and rewiring around school district(s).

  • Integrate the resource of multi-campus voice and saving money on call costs.

  • Build an Emergency broadcast and alert system for a safer school environment.

  • Easy system capacity expansion to adapt to school development.

Benefits for Your Customers

  • Without rebuilding exsiting telephone system, Yeastar VoIP solution for schools integrates education network and PSTN network, improving the utilization of resources.

  • All the extensions in the school can make free calls to each other, regardless of the location. And all-inclusive advanced features are delivered with the ease of use.

  • Thanks to the modular and scalable design of Yeastar S-Series VoIP PBX and Yeastar K2 IP PBX (on-premises), the school can expand users and lines when need to, without ditching the current PBX.

  • The perfect fusion of Yeasatr PBX System and IP video surveillance system can achieve control and access to video front-ends from SIP terminals through simple a SIP call and provide solutions of integration of real-time video surveillance with voice communication.

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