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Unified Communications
Solution for Healthcare

Connect with coworkers and patients from anywhere at any time


From hospitals to elder care facilities and clinical research centers, unified communications is proving itself an invaluable technology asset for communication efficiency in healthcare. Yeastar PBX System, either cloud-based or on-premises, comes with a strong presence in unified communications that empower mobilized workforce, elevate team collaboration while reducing overhead.

  • Keep doctors and staff members always in the loop

  • Improve patient experience with faster response

  • Mobile UC App to provide instant collaboration

Solution Benefits

  • Built-in features like auto-attendant, call recording, call transfer, intercom/paging boost productivity

  • Longtime stability is guaranteed. And Hot Standby provides a viable contingency plan

  • Easy to manage with simple point-and-click configuration

  • Connect multiple branches with ease and allow free inter-branch calls

  • Seamlessly integrated with other applications and systems like CRM, Outlook, paging system, etc.

  • Industry-standard encryption and security mechanism ensure privacy and system security


Mobile communications


  • When leaving the desk, make and receive calls through Linkus Mobile Client

  • Real-time presence tells if a doctor or colleague is available

  • Collaborate with instant messaging

  • Quickly dial out from shared contacts and personal contacts

  • Check voicemail and recordings when needed directly from mobile phone

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