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Door Phones Integration

Integrated with door phone/intercom systems, Yeastar UC Solution helps achieve control and access to the entrance easily.

Take complete control of your door phone system.

As door entry devices, door phones are used to control the opening of the door. Integrated with VoIP PBX systems, door phones can be configured to make and receive phone calls similar to other IP phones. Visitors press the door phone to ring the bell, then the door phone will send the doorbell, like a call, to an operator or receptionist, who can reply door phone by picking up the phone. With the door entry systems connected with Yeastar P-Series PBX System, S-Series VoIP PBX, and Cloud PBX, users could control and access the door entrance more easily.

Key Features for Integrated Door Phone Systems


Grant Access to a Controlled Area

You can choose who to grant access to your office, home, or a shared/restricted area via Yeastar PBX System.


Systems Using SIP Protocol

All the door phone systems, PBX systems, and IP phones are using the SIP Protocol to connect with each other.


Door Phone Used as a Monitor

The video function can be used as a monitor, so you can check the status of your door before deciding what comes next.


Answer the Door

You are able to press the keyboard of your IP phone to decide whether to open the door for the visitors or denied the request.


Send Voice & Video to IP Phone

It’s easier to answer the door phone with a desk phone or smartphone to access the voice & video.


Easy Integration with IP Phones

Yeastar PBX Systems has excellent interoperability to integrate with the various main brands of IP phones and door phones.

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