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Solution for Retail Industry

Helps build up a modern and cost-effective IP communications system for retailers.


Retailers need a modern and cost-effective communications system.

Communication between stores, suppliers, warehouses, buyers, and sales teams is vital for creating better customer service and supply management. As the traditional telephone system with soaring maintenance costs being unable to meet the needs of the retail chain, a reliable phone system is essential to ensure the smooth operation of the business and improved customer experience.

  • Unified communications

  • Multisite Interconnect

  • Working from Anywhere

What makes us a golden opportunity


Remote extension

You can easily register chained stores’ extensions remotely to the headquarter’s S-Series PBX or P-Series PBX system to reach other extensions in the system freely.


Robust Communications Features

Yeastar introduces a feature-rich VoIP communication solution, including voice over IP communications, call queues, call recording, call center, video conferencing, etc.


Interactive Voice Response(IVR)

The IVR feature prompts callers with recorded messages and options and directs calls to the appropriate destinations, providing callers 24 hours services without any costly human resources.


Call statistics and reports

Call statistic helps keep tracks of all the information about incoming and outgoing calls. You can have a clear insight into the performance and efficiency of your communications with your clients.


Unified communications

With Linkus UC Client, supported by Yeastar S-Series VoIP PBX, P-Series PBX System, and Cloud PBX, your staff can make and receive calls anywhere, anytime, with their cellphones or desktops.


Multisite Interconnect

Yeastar solution makes keeping all your branch stores connected as easy as you could think of. Users could make free and direct-dial internal calls between all company extensions across all branches.


Your potential customers

  • Retailers with basic business communications needs

  • Wishing to keep all its branch stores connected to its headquarters

  • In demand for future-proof VoIP communications solutions

  • Requires a phone system that’s easy to manage and maintain

  • Wants a flexible system to add users and concurrent calls readily

Benefits for your customers

  • Meet and exceed the basic communications needs of the users

  • Linkus UC Clients for mobile phones, desktops and web client

  • No upfront costs and relatively low calling fees

  • Ability to unite dispersed locations and teleworkers

  • Compatibility with mainstream IP phones and worldwide SIP providers

  • Easy management and maintenance with the carrier-grade operation and reliability

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