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Linkus mobile version

Mobile UC ‧ Link us anytime, anywhere


Stay in touch and work anytime, anywhere


The Linkus Mobile client integrates iOS and Android phones with Yeastar P series PBX system, Cloud PBX, S series VoIP PBX and K2 IP PBX. It improves efficiency through a consistent office experience and powerful collaboration features. Never miss a call when you are not working in the office. And through the company's PBX to make VoIP calls to reduce mobile voice costs.


Take the extension with you


When you are on the road, your office has an opportunity to follow you. Mobile workers will benefit from One Number, which can keep their mobile phone numbers secret and have instant access to corporate and personal contacts.

  • Make and receive business calls

  • Start an impromptu meeting with up to 8 people

  • Check your voice mail and recording

  • Maintain your corporate identity

Complete corporate directory and external contacts


The extension and contact lists provide an overview of your company directory and external company/personal contacts. With the colored online status indicator, check whether your colleagues are immediately available, and efficiently create, manage and dial external contacts synchronized between your PBX, Linkus desktop/mobile version and IP phone.

Available online

Lunch Break


Business Trip

Do Not Disturb

Off Work


Instant message instant results


The feature-rich instant messaging system can consolidate collaboration! When you can’t talk, just start a personal or group chat with anyone on your extended list, and you can instantly share ideas, pictures, or any other types of files.

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