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IPPBX-S20 for small and micro enterprises

It is suitable for small and micro companies or enterprise branches with about 20 people. It supports analog external lines, mobile phone card external lines and VoIP external lines to meet the basic communication needs of users.

Small and micro enterprises with rich built-in communication functions also deserve

It has all the functions of a traditional PBX, and has built-in advanced communication functions such as call recording, automatic attendant, conference call, and call queue to meet the needs of modern office.

Simple management, easy maintenance

Based on web management, the interface is friendly and easy to operate, no professional management personnel are required, and only basic computer network knowledge can complete daily management and maintenance.

Yeastar MyPBX S20

Number of users: 20
Concurrent calls (maximum): 10
Outer port/inner port (maximum): 4
Phone card port (maximum): 1
E1 digital relay (maximum): —
Auto Attendant: Level 32
Voice message capacity: 5000 minutes (expandable)
Recording capacity expansion: TF card
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