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Efficient voice platform for large and medium-sized enterprises-S300

Supports mixed access of multiple types of external lines, supports concurrent expansion of the number of extensions and calls, and provides stable voice communication services for 500-person enterprises.

Aggregate advanced communication functions to improve internal and external communication efficiency

In addition to basic telephone functions, it also provides high value-added functions such as automatic attendant, conference call, call recording, Linkus, etc., to comprehensively improve the efficiency of communication inside and outside the enterprise.

Provide API interface-let voice data do a lot

Support seamless integration with third-party systems such as hotel management, call center, CRM, ERP, and OA.

Yeastar MyPBX S300

Number of users: 300 (expandable to 400/500)
Concurrent calls (maximum): 60 (expandable to 90/120)
Outer port/inner port (maximum): 24
Phone card port (maximum): 6
E1 digital relay (maximum): 3
Auto Attendant: Level 128
Voice message capacity: 10000 minutes (expandable)
Recording capacity expansion: SD card/USB/SATA hard disk
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